Thursday, September 3, 2009

part two

(continued...) Getting to be a part of this had made me think a lot about working in international relations. Upon arrival here in Delhi we had an orientation and we went to the American embassy. We had lunch with the foreign service officer, and his job sounds pretty amazing. Every few years he gets to pick another country to work in! Not too bad. After the two day orientation I met my host family. They are really sweet- I get along with my host sister really well. The first day I stayed with them was actually indian independence day- which is celebrated at my school by walking through the streets at 6 am singing patriotic songs, and then going back to the school for a presentation and food.I also saw my first Bollywood movie that weekend- which I understood none of, as it was in hindi/bengali. It was cool though. Since then I've been really busy studying (I'm taking Bio, Psych, Socio, English, and Painting). I love my school, and I'm having a great time. How are you all? write me and let me know!

much love,


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